Sunday, July 26, 2009

So Brave, Young, and Handsome

Leif Enger's first novel, Peace Like a River, was received with great acclaim. I've had the book on my shelf for years because I originally purchased it for a book group and then was unable to attend and sadly never read the novel. I recently picked it up and was actually surprised by its story. Admittedly, from the title I was expecting an easy going, romantic book and I learned that it is the story of a family whose oldest son has been accused of murder and is running away from the law. The rest of the family is out on the road in an attempt to find him. Family relationships, faith, and the help of strangers all come together to weave a tale that is captivating.

Understandably, readers waited with great anticipation for Enger's second novel. It was almost seven years in coming and the result was So Brave, Young, and Handsome. Perhaps not too surprisingly, the narrator of the story is a writer, Monte Becket, who had one extremely successful book published and has since suffered from writer's block. So Brave, Young, and Handsome tells of Monte meeting an outlaw named Glendon Hale and of their travels together. They come across interesting characters all the way along the story. One can ponder if people like Monte and Glendon could really end up travelling together and how choices you make at various times in your life can effect the final position in which you end up.

Northern Lights Books and Gifts is honored to host a dinner and booksigning with Leif Enger on Thursday, August 6th at 6:00 p.m. at the Radisson Hotel in Duluth. Details about the evening are on our website This event will be a memorable one so don't miss out!


jmcc said...

thanks for sharing your thoughts on Enger, Melanie!
I'm hoping to get So Brave Young and Handsome read before the event, but even without having read his work, I thought Leif Enger was a very inspiring speaker a few months back at the Midwest Booksellers meeting.

Gift Ideas said...

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